Capturing Quality in Our Time - Chapter 1

1.0 Introduction

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1.1 Becoming smarter means we need to learn from experience and in the case of urban growth we should learn from both the past and present. Looking around our historic towns we can see that we have inherited a legacy of beautiful places that have a strong sense of place, offer a good quality of life and are robust is assimilating change. Looking further afield, to Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, we can see that sustainable high quality development can be added successfully to towns and cities. This looking and learning was at the heart of the Historic Towns Forum's conference on Historic Towns and Smarter Growth held in Cambridge on 30 April 2009.

1.2 This paper captures the key messages from that day and follows the Conference structure:
  • The Positive Approach
  • The Strategic Approach
  • The Practical Approach
  • Discussion and Feedback