Street clutter

“Signs, lines, humps and bumps – we need them to control traffic, but they often spoil the appearance of our most treasured town centres and historic places”[1]

Not a quote from Eric Pickles but from the Foreword of the 1999 EHTF publication “The Historic Core Zones Project” report!

This experimental project which had the full backing of the (then) Department of Transport began in 1994. HTF is now delighted that after 16 years of campaigning it is recognised as a major issue which is being tackled at the highest level.  

Traffic control and high quality public realm can be achieved in tandem. The work of HTF, English Heritage’s ‘Streets for All’, Living Streets, The Civic Trust and now Civic Voice and many other organisations have all had the same aim and this recognition by Government of the wide ranging negative impact that the growth of ‘clutter’ can have – not only on the appearance of a place but its adverse affect on drivers’ ability to ‘read’ and respond to a place – is very welcome.

HTF has many years experience of supporting local authorities and traffic engineers trying to achieve safe and pleasant environments, and looks forward to continuing to help to accomplish the Government’s objectives in this area.

[1]The Historic Core Zones Project (1999) EHTF Report No 46  ISBN 1 898261 47 4 (Out of print ; available as a cd from

Chris Winter
Director, HTF